Karger Racing Ignition


If you have any questions or suggestions or just want to say hello, drop us an email at: ignition@greatmojogames.com

The software

Connect the box to the computer using the USB cable. Switch on the box and click the button Connect using controller settings in the application. This retrieves the data that are currently programmed in the box.
On this screen it is now possible to change several things:
a. IGN +/-: Here you adjust how much the IGN +/- button should change the ignition timing when on. IMPORTANT -3.0 lowers the ignition timing by three degrees, and 3.0 raise the
ignition timing by three degrees.
b. Maximum RPM: Here you adjust how many revolutions the engine is allowed to reach before the ignition switches off. This is a safety precaution made to protect the engine.
c. Sparks / Event: Here you have the possibility to do ‘multi sparks’. This means that the spark plug sparks several times. The first spark comes at the time that the ignition is programmed to. The second spark comes a number of microseconds later during the same combustion cycle in order to ignite any un-ignited fuel.
d. It is possible to save the box setup on you PC or you can choose to load a new setup (including a new MAP or other changes), that you have made yourself on the software or sent to you by email from your tuner. This is done by saving the new setup as a file on your computer, connecting the box to your computer and loading the file as a new setup.