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TMCdk lets you connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to the official Danish TMC feed through the use of a TMC<->ip gateway server.

TMC (Traffic Message Channel) is a signal that is broadcast inside RDS feeds - data which is typically picked up by car radios and some modern GPS receivers.
You can read more about TMC here:

TMC is a very compact format - a traffic message typically only takes up 6 bytes, so it's ideal for low bandwidth transmission.
TMCdk parses this compact format using tables provided by Vejdirektoratet - a Danish governmental institution that has the responsibility for operation and maintenance of the Danish roads.

TMCdk lets you browse the data that is being transmitted in Denmark - provided that you have access to a TMC<->ip gateway server, that is.

How to

Enter the address of the TMC gateway.
That's it! Now you can view the feed and inspect the locations of the traffic events on a map: